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This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Karena cutting Alex's hair
Karena & Alex 

Producer and Crew from GMA film - A Day in the Life of Alex & Dane - 
Boys will fly to NY to appear on The Early Show and Good Morning America in March
Dr. Chalmers at Spero Pain Relief Therapy

Alex at PT

Setting up Kinect

Alex & Amanda with Dane & Jess playing Xbox

At the Strike Zone

Talking to a witness 

Alex and Dane heard for the first time what one student witnessed October 5, 2010.  Stacey says "I heard the loudest noise I've ever heard, it was like a bomb going off, I was blinded by a flash of light.  I looked over and saw Alex and Dane on the ground, smoke coming out of Alex's body".

Once again, thanks to ALL those that saved Alex and Dane.  Thanks to ALL those that continue to help them and us on their road to recovery.  Kaleen aka Alex's mom


  1. Those pictures are GREAT! It will be so cool to see them in motion and hear the story from start to almost finished ('cause you all aren't done yet).

    Was it weird for you both going back to the strike zone? (Perhaps not since it is at school.) The crew from CNN flew out to Idaho to shoot B-roll for my interview with Larry King. Since I don't remember my strike it didn't phase me being taken to the "zone", but it was sad to see my mom and children react to being there. Thankfully they never used any of that footage during my interview. Our conversation must have stolen the show. Before going live with Mr. King one of my husband's friends from Seattle called him on the phone. He dared both my mother and I to say a word during the course of the interview. I was to say "cattywhompus" and my mother was to say "tush". We both did it, but I had a hard time keeping a straight face. (unfortunately the footage can no longer be found on the Internet) Don't let anyone talk you into a stunt like this! It's so hard to focus on what they are saying to you if you're trying to figure out a way to say something ridiculous! You'll just appear cookoo-for-cocoapuffs!
    I do hope that both families enjoy the city! Instead of daring you to say a word, I challenge you to find the following photo ops:
    FAO Schwartz - you and a stuffed cow
    Smithsonian - you standing on the scale that shows your weight on the moon
    You're all going to have so much FUN!! I can't wait!!

  2. All of us are so proud of our hometown hero's! It will be so exciting to see them on TV. Go St George!


Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Dane Thursday Oct 7th

Dane Thursday Oct 7th
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Alex's Room
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