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This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

An eventful day!

Balloon Launch at Chris's Memorial

We attended Dane's dad's Memorial Service this morning.  We said our goodbyes and hope for a brighter future for all those that have been touched by Chris's life.

Tonight was a big night for the students of SCHS - Its Jr. Prom and Alex took an amazing family friend, McKenna.  Her mom and I have been friends since we were in the 8th grade back in Ohio.  She and I were roommates during college and both of us wound up in St. George to raise our families.  It's here that McKenna and Alex struck up their friendship again while attending the same HS and running on the Cross Country team.  The theme for Prom was a Masquerade and the masks matched her beautiful dress perfectly.

Alex did great at PT this week.  He actually ran.  Yes Ran!!!!!!! He wore a secure belt around his waist and his PT and Grandpa each held onto him and they ran up and down the hall. Wahoo!!!   He also was able to play Kinect on his Xbos for the first time.  His movements are still real jerky but he's doing it, he's moving and working hard everyday to gain back his mobility.  If we could just get his hands and fingers to work!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that will come, until then he is learning to adapt and is becoming very self reliant. Grateful for everyone that has and continues to help us out. Kaleen aka Alex's mom


  1. Glad to see him going out...Thats great. Hey is that Sherri's daughter? I hope he made it through the evening without pain. Thanks for the reports and very sorry to hear about Dane's father. I think you guys have been through enough already.
    amy Grispino

  2. I was so happy to see Alex out and about with his friends and classmates! We have been spending so much time together, and in some ways it has been good for me to be able to serve him. It has also been humbling for the both of us! Our relationship has grown so much! I'm proud of how he is dealing with all of this!

  3. Dane,

    (Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs.)


    AAAAHHHH!! Running?! RUNNING!! (sobbing - I want to run, too!) I am so proud of you, Alex. I am amazed, astounded, awestruck - if it starts with an A that's what I am. WOW! I am simply astonished. Whoa! there's another one. Hopefully, one day you'll come up to Idaho and teach me how to run.

    You and your date look phenomenal in the photographs. I hope the dance was fun.

    I love seeing these photographs and reading updates that are positive. This is going to be a good year for you all, full of tremendous events and opportunities. I'm excited to stand back in the shadows and watch it all unfold.

    Have a wonderful week! Love from up north to everyone!


Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Dane Thursday Oct 7th

Dane Thursday Oct 7th
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Alex's Room
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