Welcome friends and family of Alex and Dane!

This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Because......A day makes a difference

Alex slept Monday night until 4:30am Tuesday.  I left for work at 7:30am and when I came home last night it was like seeing another person.  Alex was feeling SO much better.  He had half the amount of pain pills than he did the day before and was feeling 2 times better.  Only things that were different from Monday was One- we weren't in Vegas anymore (sorry Vegas, he dose not like that city) and Two- he had a treatment from the Calmare machine  from Dr. Chalmers.  I got home last night and Dane and 2 other friends were over.  They were watching a movie having a good time.  Its so great to see Alex with friends.
Thanks for all the comments - I really appreciate them!!!!  They get us through the day.
Alex had PT and OT today.  He is doing so much better.  Its at a snales pace though which is frustrating sometimes, but its a steady pace none the less.  He hasn't used his wheel chair in a few days!!  Wahoo!  Today when we got to PT, he walked in, its such a great sight!
Oh and the smoke smell in our house only exists in Kiels room now (poor Kiel).  Dave cut the burned carpet area out of his floor its small - we think we will just patch work some new carpet in (poor Kiel) lol.  Have a good night - Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Monday, December 27, 2010

Recap of Christmas

Alex was treated by Dr Chalmers Christmas Eve prior to our Family Dinner of ham, turkey, cheesy potatoes, veggies and rolls followed by homemade brownies and ice cream.  We had a great night visiting.  At bed time we taped paper up across the stair well (tradition) so that no one could sneak down stairs and peak at what Santa might have brought.  We went to bed and woke Christmas day to lots of stocking suffer gifts for all 5 boys.  It was so nice to have all the boys home.  We sat around and ate and ate, it was amazing, around noon Alex started to hurt a little but not too bad.  By Christmas evening we were supposed to go to our friends Tim and Terry's house but Alex wasn't feeling up to it, so he stayed home with one of his friends. Then we all returned home and everyone  but me Parker and Alex went to see Tron.  They said it was good.  Alex wasn't up to going (which is'nt like him, he loves to go to movies). I had fun being home with Parker and Alex.  I had a great Christmas with my family.   Sunday morning was rough, real rough, we didn't make it to church like we had planned on doing prior to us departing to Vegas,  Alex had 2 doctor appointments in Vegas Monday am, so we were going to Vegas Sunday so my boys could see their dad for Christmas.  Alex wasn't mentally ready to go back to Vegas. It brought out some panic in him.  As the pain rose so did the panic they were feeding each other making him miserable.  I was told he didn't sleep most of Sunday night and so Monday he was  in constant pain his dad gave him pills every 2 hours to help, he was still in pain and very drugged up I was worried about him. I had had big plans of going back to UMC and the Ronald McDonald House to show Alex off - to show them that my boy could walk to show him where I slept and was safe.  But that didn't get to happen, He was in so much pain by the time we left the 2nd apt we just needed to get back on the road. Teresa that fitted him for a Compression shirt was amazing though.  Her father was burned over 40% of his body and due to his lifestyle change they started a family business helping others deal with their new limitations,  She was so kind to Alex and could understand his claustrophobic feelings while wearing the vest but was still able to explain why  it was so important to wear one.  His scaring is getting so out of control.  He has to wear these shirts.  She gave him 2 shirts to take home, one he wore all the way from Vegas to STG.  Its off now but he wore it about 4 hours,  We came home to a smoke smelling home, but grateful to have a home to come home to.  We got a call at 3am Vegas time from our one son that stayed at home saying he heard the smoke alarms going off, he went looking around the house and in Kiels room found flames 3 feet high and 4 feet wide.  A lamp had somehow fallen oven onto some fabric I had just bought to make him curtains and it was all on fire,  My son and his friend grabbed another blanket to put the flames out.  So grateful they acted quickly and that no one was hurt.  We will need to get new carpet in Kiels room, right now it is just airing out.  The whole house is airing out.  We unpacked the car then Amanda drove Alex over to Dr Chalmers office for a treatment.  We were trying to figure out how many days he could go with out a treatment - its about 24 -36 hours max,  Once Alex got home, he spent the next 2 hours crying in pain.  I too cried for his pain.  I don't know why he is having to go through this.  I don't know why he had to be hurt so bad.  I don't know why he must suffer the way he is.  Its breaking my heart.  I can't stand to watch my child cry like this, be in pain like this.  Watch him not be able to use his hands, not walk unassisted.  What are we to do??????????????????????
Thoughts that come to me are "be grateful" "be smart" "be clean" "be true" "be humble" "be prayerful".  So I hit my knees and stared trying to B the above B's.   Alex has now fallen asleep.  I pray he will be able to sleep through the night.  I pray I can be smart and get good help for him.  I pray I can clean my house and get the smoke smell out.  I pray I can be humble and most importantly grateful for all that I have.  For the wonderful holidays for the talented Doctors helping Alex.  I know he will get through this.  I know it.  - Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleep is Sweet

Click on link below then go to VIDEO- Teen hit by lightning trying out new device to deal with pain........


Thursday December 23rd

If you live in UT, watch KSL tonight at 10:00pm.  A story will be aired about the nerve machine Alex has been receiving treatments with.  If you don't live in UT, it will probably be posted on their website after the News at 10.  www.KSL.com

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Rain go Away

Our St. George Rainbow returns and gives us hope
The streets are flooding, wind is blowing & rivers overflowing, thank goodness we are all safe in our home.  I'm so glad Alex isn't in the hospital during this storm and flooding weather.  Our community is under threat of homes being lost and I feel so bad for those families.  We drove around tonight to survey some of the river banks, grateful for City workers out there that are putting our City's needs first.

Alex's grandpa is back in town and has been taking Alex to his appointments the past 2 days.  Alex has been doing so much better and his pain level has gone down a lot, mostly due to the nerve pain treatments he's been receiving from Spero.  How can I be sure of this???  Because if he misses a day or two his pain is intense, more intense than "normal".  Alex didn't get treatment Saturday or Sunday and we didn't sleep much Sunday night.  KSL sent their Health and Science Reporter Ed Yates to St. George yesterday to do a story on the Calmare MC-5A machine, Alex was present during the interview.  I'm looking forward to seeing it (not sure when it will air,but will post it when it does).

I'm really looking forward to Christmas.  A reader of this blog sent Alex an AMX Gift Card, very very kind and unexpected.  (Thank YOU!!)  We went to the mall Friday night - Alex was a little hesitant to go in his wheel chair, but once we were inside he did great.  He decided that he wanted to use his gift card to buy his siblings and dad presents.  I was very impressed with his thoughtfulness. Someone gave to him and he in return gave to others.  I hope that this is the first of many giving experience Alex will have in his life.  I hope that through all of this misery he will learn to be of good cheer.
Alex saw one of his friends at the mall he yelled out his name - the guy turned around and looked at me and said who called me?  Alex said "look down here" (Alex was sitting in his wheel chair) the guy looked down and said "ALEX, you're Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  He was so happy to see him.  We are all happy to see Alex and that he is alive.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday December 15th

Last night I walked in the house from work to the most beautiful site.  Alex, Dane and 3 other friends were sitting at our kitchen table eating Taco Bell.  It made my day, made me smile and I even told the 5 teenagers what a beautiful site it was (I got some strange looks - lol)
Alex has had a busy week again.  He has 3-4 doctors appointments everyday and is continuing to improving everyday, so grateful for the care he is receiving .  This morning was Alex's VNG test.  He wore "goggles" for about an hour testing his balance and inner ear.  The tests came back positive.  His balance issues aren't inner ear, which I guess is good.   Alex spent PT outside on the IHC Health & Performance "course" it was amazing to see Alex doing this.  The course has all kinds of terrain that people might encounter out in the community.  Alex walked the entire way from the building and back with out taking a break.  He went down a slope on a sidewalk, went up and down stairs, walked on asphalt, gravel, a stone walkway, bark, and sand.  He did great!  I followed them with his wheelchair, watching him brought all kinds of emotions out in me.  Seeing his burned/healed legs and his awkward movements brought sorrow yet joy for his life and improvements .  His PT was impressed, and told us afterwards he had thought Alex would have had to stop at least 3 times, thats why he had me follow. But that wasn't the case.  Alex went to Dr. Chalmers twice this week and thankfully we have gotten sleep the past 2 nights.  Lets hope tonight is good.
Yesterday Alex applied for an academic scholarship to Dixie State College with the help of his school counselor, Mrs. N.  She has been such a huge help to Alex keeping him on track since his Sophomore year.  If Alex hadn't done so well the past 3 years, he would be in big trouble right now trying to finish packets in order to Graduate on time with his Senior class.He only needs 2 more credits.   After he applied for his scholarship he spent some time with his Debate class.  He has missed school. Thanks to all the students for the awesome banners and to the Admin and Teachers for their love and support.  An Administrator from the Washington County School District came to our house today to help Alex set up a program on his computer that will allow him to speak into a mic and the computer will type the words.  That will give him some independence with writing his Senior papers.  Have a great day.  Kaleen - Oh and I'm freaking out that Christmas is 10 days away - where are Santa's elves when you need them??!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Eve of 10 weeks since Strike

Since December 2nd Alex has been receiving electrical pain therapy.  There is a company called Spero (http://www.sperotherapy.com/)  that specializes in solving pain by using a Calmare MC-5A machine.  The machine is used for people with severe nerve pain, which Alex has, but the machine hadn't been used on a Lightning Strike victim, so none of us were sure if it would work.  Alex went for 9 days straight then skipped this past Saturday and Sunday to see if he would notice an increase in pain.  We didn't make any changes with his pain meds, Saturday went ok, but Sunday night was rough.  (I'm actually on my way to bed, I'm so tired).  Alex didn't have the "stabbing" pain, but he had the constant tingling/throbbing pain in his arms and hands ALL night long last night.  Dave and I were up every hour rubbing Alex's hands to help with the pain.  We feel that the only thing that was different from the previous nights is that he didn't have his "pain treatment" for 2 days.  The machine that Alex gets hooked up to sends electrical impulses through his nerves delivering a "non pain" signal to the brain.  I want to thank Dr. Chalmers and Scott Miller for taking a chance on Alex, they weren't sure if it would help him, but after being up all night with Alex, I'm pretty sure the treatments ARE working.  He went and had one today, lets hope we all sleep tonight.  I hear that nerve pain is the worst type of pain.  So sad that Alex has to endure it. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  Everyday he's getting stronger and more stable.  Kaleen aka Alex's mom http://www.sperotherapy.com

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday IS a Special Day

Its the day we Don't have to get ready for Doctor appointments.
This week Alex went to SEVENTEEN doctors appointments.  (Makes me tired just thinking about it, can't imagine how Alex feels).  He starts his mornings off with 8 pills and a Protein shake (thanks TwinLabs for the powder mix).  I haven't been able to attend his PT or OT appointments this week but I heard that he is continuing to make progress. Remember the test he did last week (sit on a bench, stand up, walk to a line, turn around, walk back and sit down)? Well, he cut his time in half this week he did it 20.8 sec's.  Wahoo!!! Alex and his Grandpa have been going to appointments and even went out for a few lunches this week.

Alex walks by sight.  If he closes his eyes, he falls, so in order to walk he has to watch every step.  He can walk pretty much unassisted now, but prior to him walking anywhere we have to make sure that lights are on & everything is off the floor etc..  He woke up at 3am the other night and needed to use the restroom, Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, BUT... We had to turn all the lights on from his room to the bathroom, in order to make it there, by that time I was wide awake.

Alex can go up the stairs really well, coming down is getting a lot smoother, he still goes down the stairs backwards.  He feels the step with his foot and places one foot down at a time, takes about a min to get down. He's getting faster everyday.

Alex saw his Neurologist Friday and was supposed to have an EMG test (An electromyogram (EMG) is a test that is used to record the electrical activity of muscles. When muscles are active, they produce an electrical current. This current is usually proportional to the level of the muscle activity. An EMG is also referred to as a myogram.)  After his Dr. visited with him for a while he decided not to do the test, because of a few reasons.  #1 its VERY painful #2 after looking at his MRI's and observing Alex's movements he believes the nerves aren't dead. We've always believed this and now are very hopeful that this is correct.
Now, no offense to any Doctors that might be reading this...but you know when you go to have a test or shot and the Doctor says "don't worry it wont hurt" and then it does hurt.  Or the Doctor says "now this might hurt a little bit" and then it totally kills!!??!!  Well, with this EMG test, every Doctor that has talked to us about it has told us its Very Painful!  So, if a Doctor tells you its painful I cant even imagine how bad it must hurt. Alex's pain Doctor prescribed him an extra dose of pain meds specific for this test, his Neurologist asked what he gave him, I told him, he says "If we do this test in a week or two, double that dose of pain meds".  Yikes!!!
I'm glad for Alex that the test wasn't done, because he had such a long and tiring week.  The test will only help with his prognosis, its a test for info, nothing else (it won't help him get better).  So if he keeps improving he wont have to get the test.  (Keep the prayers coming).
Have a great weekend - Thanks, Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A long way in 9 weeks

Alex spent Monday and Tuesday at 7 different doctors.  Just getting him dressed and out the door is a major accomplishment and task.  He is very tired each day but getting around pretty well.  We found out yesterday that Alex has Eustachian Tube Disfunction and significant hearing loss in his left ear- He will have an VNG test done next week.

 Eustachian Tube Problems At A Glance  The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear space to the back of the nose. Normally, the Eustachian tube is closed. Partial or complete blockage of the Eustachian tube can cause sensations of popping, clicking, and ear fullness. The Eustachian tube can become blocked from common colds or allergies (I AM GOING TO ADD BEING STRUCK BY LIGHTNING TO THIS-LOL). Altitude changes can cause symptoms in persons with Eustachian tube problems. Several maneuvers can be done to improve Eustachian tube function.

Alex's skin grafts have healed well but he is starting to get Keloid Scaring -

What is a keloid? Keloids can be considered to be "scars that don't know when to stop." A keloid, sometimes referred to as a keloid scar, is a tough heaped-up scar that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. It usually has a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Keloids are irregularly shaped and tend to enlarge progressively. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time. http://www.medicinenet.com

Alex will be fitted for Compression Shirts tomorrow to help control the keloids from growing. He will see his burn doctor at the end of the month.    
I'm grateful he's doing better but its still an uphill battle. ~ Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tens Unit $795 - Tub Transfer Bench $79 - Having Alex Home Priceless

When Alex got to PT on Friday who did he see?? Dane! Dane has been going to PT since October and today their appointments were at the same time. As they were going into the gym an older lady saw them (who was also a patient) and said "These must be our Lightning Boys". Yes, I believe thats what they have become, St. George's very own Lightning Boys. They both work really hard during their PT visits and are exhausted when their time is up . I'm so grateful for all the people that have and continue to help Alex. We have met so many talented, smart and caring people. Thanks to the Acute Rehab Unit here, the skills they taught Alex for 4 weeks are what are getting him through his days. He's doing amazing. We had a great weekend. Managed to get through the 4 appointments Friday so well, that we are going to 4 again today. Happy Monday everyone. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

We slept last night

Much better night - we all got sleep last night.  Alex had a great day yesterday we were able to manage his pain a lot better and he did great.  He had 2 Doctors appointments one was his first out patient PT.  One of the things they had him do was sit on a bench, stand up, walk to a line on the floor, turn around, walk back to the bench and sit down.  He was able to accomplish this task and did it in 41 seconds.  It was great to see!!!  I'm so proud of his improvement (since a month ago he wasn't able to sit on his own).  We were told that a "normal" time is 8 seconds, so it will be great to see his progress over the next month(s).

Today is Friday -YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready for the weekend.  Alex has 4, yes 4, Doctors appointments today.  Good thing Grandma and Grandpa are here to help.
I was so happy last night to have everyone home. Thanks for all the neighbors that visited, we live in a great place!  Theres no place like home (thats for all my KC friends)!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home is Sweet

Alex was discharged from the hospital and as we pulled into our driveway so did Dane and Alex's 4 other close friends.  It was SO awesome to have Dane and Alex back in the "Man Cave".  It was almost surreal, like a time warp, to see them both upstairs laughing just like they had been doing 2 months ago.  They both have accomplishment SO much in the past 8 weeks- I'm SO proud of  both of them.  The past 2 months haven't been easy.

At 2:30 yesterday we went to the SCHS for all the Students to welcome Alex home.  THANKS SCHS!!!  It was a great event for Alex, I haven't seen him smile that much.  It was good to see "Alex" again (not my child in pain).
http://www.thespectrum.com/          Thanks Tiffany from the Spectrum.
http://interceder.net/list/Alex-Lambson            Thanks SUN News
The Early Show and Good Morning America sent crews out to film this great event too.  The boys will be going to New York to do appearances on both shows with in the next month.

Alex and his friends enjoyed hanging out at home reading cards, eating pizza and just laughing.  His first day home was good, his first night home was rough. He was in a LOT of pain.  Its so difficult as a mom to watch your child cry in pain.  Alex's Grandpa sat up with him all night and rubbed his hands when he woke (about every hour).  Hope that tonight will bring more rest for him (and grandpa)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I watched the clock turn 3:03pm today and thought back on the past EIGHT weeks and then thought "Tomorrow at 3:03pm Alex will be Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

December 1, 2010 Alex will be discharged from the hospital.  He has progressed SO much since the Strike.  Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped on this journey.  I wish I could say his journey will be finished when he is discharged, but I believe the biggest part of his journey will start tomorrow.  He still doesn't have use of his fingers and still struggles with pain, motor skills and overall balance issues.  He will have daily out patient PT and OT, and lots of Doctors appointments in the weeks and months to come but at the end of the day he will get to sleep in his own bed.  YEA!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 56 in Hospital - Alex

Alex had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks to all that came and visited, it really lifted his spirits.  We are having a Family Meeting today at the hospital. I'll keep you all posted, but I believe we will be discussing Alex's discharge.  Its looking like it will be this Wednesday.  Alex just wishes he was "all better".  He wants to come home, but he wants full use of his fingers and hands and to be able to walk. His PT's are working him hard and he's getting closer everyday to recovery.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I read Leslie's Post and want to Ditto what she said.  She said it beautifully!!!

This Thanksgiving Day I want to Thank our Heavenly Father for my family, I'm so grateful for each one of them.  They each bring so much joy into my life, I had an awesome day with my family.  Alex got to come home for a few hours, It was nice to all be together.
Thanks for all the PT's, CNA's, Nurses and Doctors that worked with Alex today, that left their families in order to help Alex.  He's doing better everyday.  Microsoft's PR heard about Alex and Dane from a piece on Good Morning America, they shipped both boys a new Xbox 360 -Glossy black.  One more thing to be thankful for  :)
Enjoy the holiday - Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So much to be Thankful for!

With all that I have been blessed with throughout my life and all that I have taken for granted, I know that I have never been so grateful as I am this Thanksgiving. It's such a cliche, but "things" in this life really are so superficial compared to the life of a loved one.

From the instant Alex & Dane were struck, people (angels) all around them came together to save their lives; from the students who went for help, the first responders (teachers and administrators at the school) who breathed life into our boys, the EMTs who safely transported them and didn't give up..., the Dixie Regional ER staff, doctors and nurses who revived and stabilized them, the clergy that rushed to the hospital to bless our boys in that brief moment when time stood still before they whisked them away to the airport, the Lifeflight crew that flew out in stormy weather to give the boys the best care available, and then the staff, doctors and nurses at the PICU unit at UMC in Vegas who ultimately cared for them until they were able to "come back" to us....
Looking back, I know there was a higher power orchestrating all of the events that saved our boys that day, everything and everyone came together just the way it was meant to happen.

Then in the hours and days that followed we were so overwhelmed with loving thoughts and actions from everyone we knew (and didn't know). We felt your love, your prayers and your support more than you will ever know...it gave us the strength and faith we needed to endure the fear and uncertainty

I know that we have thanked all of you before, but I don't think that it can ever be expressed enough, you will always have my heartfelt gratitude- and I thank God everyday for all of you "angels".

God bless all of you this Thanksgiving holiday,

p.s.- Dane weighed in last Friday and had lost another pound :( , the Dr. was encouraged that it has slowed and is hopeful that he has turned the corner. He still goes to physical therapy but no longer uses a cane to help him walk :) , his Pancreas levels are still too high and have to be monitored closely but all in all... he is pretty amazing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday - No more shots for Alex

Every Morning around 8am Alex would have to get a shot in his stomach - needless to say it wasn't a great way to start off his morning.  The shot was to help him not get blood clots and since he wasn't up and moving around they were concerned with him getting them.  Well now that he's up and about - no more shots. YEA!
Alex doesn't have PT on the weekends, but he wanted to do something with his idle time, so on Friday Alex and his PT made a schedule of exercises for him to accomplish Saturday.  He did them all twice yesterday, morning and late afternoon.  He pushed himself and did great.  Thanks to T for coming in yesterday to help push him mentally while Alex worked physically.  We have great friends who are so willing to help us with everything (and I mean everything)!!!!  Thanks St. George.  Thanks for all the letters that have been mailed to us from out of state, Alex has received some cute colorings from children we don't even know. Kaleen aka Alex's mom

From Dave Talley -
I had a moment to reflect today, and although this has been a very stressful and humbling time for our family, I can't help but remember the laughs that sometimes brighten our day and keep us going. My quote for today is from Alex when he was still in Las Vegas (and still on Morphine!) Kaleen was trying to explain what had happened to him and trying to answer Alex's questions. Alex asks, "what year is this?" Kaleen answers, "it's 2010" Alex say's with incredulity, "Oh yeah! Right! I get struck by lightning and you guys get blasted into the future!" It was hard not to laugh even in that moment.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday 11-19-10- Alex

Last night was a big night for Alex.  He went to see the Snow Canyon High School play Peter Pan.  Alex helped build the set and wanted to see it.  His PT and Doctor said if he worked hard they would let him leave the hospital and go to the school.  It was kind of weird for him to go back to the school.  I had been there a few times since the Strike, but this was Alex's first time back since he was whisked away in an ambulance. Once we got there, Alex enjoyed the play, the kids that preformed did a great job.
Alex is still making improvements.  They are very small but they are there.  One of his nurses that hadn't seen him for a week was amazed to see him Wednesday night, she was amazed at the progress since she saw him last.
When I say "Alex walked"  He's not walking like he use to, he's not walking like most people do. But he is up and moving a few hours a day.  Today his PT put him in a harness and he "walked" around the hallway.  He's doing better.  He's still in a lot of pain which interferes with his PT sometimes. He can move his feet and wheel himself around in his wheel chair pretty good.  Theres not a lot of new movement with his hands.  His hands are kind of "stuck" straight out.  He can move his pinkie, but once again, when I say "move" its just kind of a twitch, if you ask him to move it and you blink, you will miss the movement.  Its all baby steps.  One small step at a time, he's doing it.  He's Beating the Odds!  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Six Weeks Ago Today

I still fall asleep every Monday night and think back to the Monday night before the Strike.  Can't believe 6 weeks ago today  I got a call that Alex and Dane had been struck by lightning.  I've been replaying each day over the past 6 weeks, thinking of the Nurses, Doctors and Admin at UMC.  Miss them (not that I still want to be there) but miss them as people, they were great and caring.  Thanks for helping in Alex's recovery.  We will be back there someday, Alex will walk in and he will probably dish out orders and demands like he did during his PICU days -lol.  Kaleen aka Alex's Mom

This is from Alex's dad   SATURDAY 11-13-10

I got to spend a good day with Alex. I came early to St. George Sat to watch Alex's younger brother Parker 'firecracker' Lambson play his championship game vs Alliance. 
Alex and I had fun watching Family Guy 'Blue Harvest' the spoof on Star Wars. Gratitude to whomever left that for him. I hadn't seen Alex laugh until we watched this show. He didn't want to watch funny movies in Vegas because it hurt him to much to laugh. He enjoyed that DVD so much he sent me to Best Buy to find the sequel 'Something Something Something Dark Side'. Alas I couldn't find it.

While I was there the paramedic that worked on Alex came by to see him. Ty 'Smitty Smith gave Alex a run down of everything he saw that
day. Gratitude to him and the rest of the first responders for reacting so quickly and doing such a great job of resuscitating Alex, and giving him a chance to survive.

Later in the day lots of friends came by and Alex had a good time laughing a joking and remembering past adventures. It was awesome to see him in good spirits, and a smile on his face. Lots have asked what does Alex want to watch when he has down time. Alex wants to watch quite a few different things so I made an Amazon account with
his current wish list. Follow this link for his current wish list:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday 11-14-10 - Alex

Some friends stopped in today to visit Alex, we were reminiscing about the concert last weekend at the Electric Theater- Alex has his sign hanging up in his room.  I just wanted to thank all the local company's that donated items for a raffle that night. Rainbow Sign and Banner; Hungry Howie's Pizza; Jimmy John's; Stephen Wade Nissan; McArthur's Jewelers; Dixie Direct Card; Dave's Barber Shop; The Academy; Conrad's Car Wash; Jones Paint & Glass; Diane Daniels; Fiesta Fun; The Ledges; Main Street Insurance; Taylor Andrews; Tom Daniels Pest Control.  Thanks to the bands for the great entertainment, everyone had a great time.

Alex did so good during PT this week that he got a 2 hour pass out of the hospital.  We took him to the park, he liked being outside.  I kept trying to shield him from the sun but he reassured me he wasn't a Vampire and wouldn't "sparkle" in the sunlight :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, we did - oh and sorry about the Bench Press / Squat mix up  - Alex use to squat 300 lbs not bench.  He used to bench 205.  Slight mix up I was told numerous times - lol - Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dane 11-13-10

Well, where do I begin, Dane is doing great...and not so great.

First, for the not so great. He has lost another 2 pounds... :(
His Dr. is very concerned and wants to keep a close eye on his weight. But at the same time, he always wants to "hang out" with his friends. He says that he feels good, but as a mother, I am very concerned! This is new territory for me and when do I say no to his self prescribed healing (Lara...maybe you can help me with this...).

Also, Dane got invited to his first Girl's Choice Dance tonight, and was feeling well enough to go. I think he will have a great time. They had a good time on their "Day Date" and headed off to the dance about an hour ago. Jess has been Dane's good friend for a while now.

I have also included a picture of Dane in his "Fallen" attire! He loves it...what a generous thing that the Fallen Co. has done for them. Also, the Twin Labs Gift Baskets they received are AWESOME! Exactly what his physicians have been telling him to take. And the personalized card from the staff at Twin Labs was so sweet and sincere! We very much appreciate your concern for our boys!

THANK YOU EVERYONE, for everything!!! (especially Prayers!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday 11-11-10 Alex

For those of you that know Alex - you know he Loves Crunch Wrap Supremes from Taco Bell.  When he had his feeding tube in he craved them but since he couldn't eat it was just a thought.  Once the feeding tube was removed (3 weeks ago today) we kept asking him if he wanted one.  His reply was always "No I want Peaches" (lol)  Until yesterday - While I was playing Cub Scout Leader for some local Cub Scouts, I got a text from his friend that was at the hospital with him that said "Alex wants a Crunch Wrap Supreme"  I wanted to shout for Joy.  After Scouts I got him his CWS no tomatoes, went to the hospital, unwrapped it, put it into his hands and he ate the entire thing and he ate it by himself.  Wahoo!!!!!
Now 2 months ago I wouldn't have thought twice about him requesting food and eating it by himself, but since the Strike he hasn't had an appetite and has needed assistance in doing everything.  Well, looks like he is turning some corners, everyday he is making improvements.  They are small yet huge. He is having a hard time  though, he keeps saying "a month ago I could drive and squat 300lbs and now look at me".  I've told him he needs to change his thinking and say "TWO months ago I could drive and squat 300lbs, ONE month ago I was lying in a hospital in Vegas on Life Support with burns over 15% of my body, NOW I can sit up in bed, stand up from a wheel chair, take assisted steps (walk), feed myself, turn on my Ipod............"  His baseline has to change.
Since being back in STG I have been able to witness the support and love our community has shown for Alex and Dane.  Thanks to each and everyone of you that read this blog and have a sincere love an admiration for these boys.  We as parents love Alex and Dane and know what great people they are, its nice to see so many others also see their potential and pray and support them.  Thanks - Kaleen  aka Alex's mom

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday 11-9-10 - Alex

It was like Christmas this week (and its only Tuesday).  Sunday the boys got their Twin Lab gift baskets, Monday Alex was given a Power Balance Band (http://www.balanceband.com/) then today Fallen (http://www.fallenfootwear.com/)  sent Shoes, T-shirts, Hats, Wallets, Backpacks, Socks and Hoodies for the boys.  Alex was wearing his favorite pair of Fallen shoes when he was struck (which they don't make anymore), his step dad contacted Fallen to see if they might have an extra pair of that style lying around their warehouse that we could get (Alex doesn't like change).  They didn't have that style but they said they would be happy to send both boys lots of products, which they did today.  It was also like Christmas for me today, Alex "walked" down the hall.  I didn't get to see it, but his PT said he did great!  I'll take the gift of recovery all day long!  I also talked to our friend "the Proffessor from Vegas"  he is looking forward to Alex getting out of the hospital and said he would come give a lecture on Lightning here in STG.  Thanks to everyone who has helped with the boys recovery. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alex Update November 7th

I wish I could post little updates everyday because everyday Alex has an update, an improvement. But now that I'm back in STG and back to "life" I am pulled in so many ways. I'm fortunate enough to return to my job at Stevens-Henager College (they allowed me to be gone for over 3 weeks and are still being very flexible with me and all of Alex's appts), Im trying to resume my many carpools, scouts and just day to day living in addition to having Alex still in the hospital.  Thank goodness I haven't had to cook, meals have been brought over each night along with cookies and treats.
Alex had a GREAT week.  He is making improvements everyday. His Physical Therapy team is amazing  - they have figured out his personality and are using things to get him motivated.  I'm so grateful for the genuine concern the team of Doctors is showing for Alex.  He had an MRI on his Spine this week, they are constantly trying to figure out what is going on with him.    Just this week though Alex has learned to put his shirt and pants on, stand up with out assistance, move his pinkies and drum rollllllll,  he used his thumb to turn his Ipod on..  It's SO amazing  - just a month after being struck by lightning his burns have almost healed and his motor skills are slowly coming back.  This summer, at a LYW event I met Christine Heathman owner of Glymed  Products (http://www.glymedplus.com)   she is a Master Aesthetician  specializing in burns.  She heard about Alex and sent him a Skin Care Package that we started this week on his face and hands.  As soon as we get clearance from his Wound Doctor, we will start using it on his grafts.  This will help minimize his scaring.  We have been so fortunate with the outpouring of gifts and love towards the boys. Twin Labs was told about the Strike by Alex's step dad (http://www.twinlab.com) they did some research on the boys and offered to send any products that will help in their recovery, they too sent a Starter Package, once the boys doctors review it, they will start on that.  All of this is helping so much with their recovery.
Last night at The Electric Theater there was a benefit concert for the boys.  (http://www.theelectrictheater.com/)   Just like at the Tuacahn Concert (http://www.tuacahn.org/)  I was SO amazed at the talent we have in our town.  Last night kids from The Academy preformed, they were great!  They even played the Peaches song dedicated to Alex  - it was Awesome.  All those that preformed were great, a band from SLC even came down to play.  Thanks for everyone that attended, donated prizes to be raffled, the bands that played etc.  It was a great evening.  Thanks SO much - its so awesome to see good things come from this tragedy - last night brought unity and gave the kids something to do on a Saturday night and feel good about helping a cause.  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dane's doing very well....considering...

I wanted to update all of you about Dane's progress.
He has been able to eat without as much pain in the last few days so we are encouraged even though he had lost 1.5 pounds at his last weigh-in (Thursday). He also saw his Nutritionist Friday and had an Acupuncture session to help with digestion. He is feeling well enough to go with his friends to visit Alex in the hospital, and he is in Mesquite NV right now watching the SC High School Debate competition. I'm thinking that friends are one of the best medicines for Dane right now...

This photo is from Dane's Physical therapy on Friday morning, they said it was his best one yet! :)

I thought I would also show you the "Reverse Mohawk" he is sporting. It's actually starting to grow out a little bit (it was singed to his scalp and burned the skin underneath). Good thing he had a lot of hair so he could cover it up!

The burns on his feet are healing pretty well too, the body is an amazing thing. His sister took this picture on her cell phone and couldn't wait to delete it, lol.

We are very grateful to all of you for supporting these boys on this blog. They can feel the love and so can we as parents!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Boys were wearing Fallen shoes when the strike hit - this is on their link                                                    
www.blackboxdist.com    go to  News section

Boys are doing better everyday!  Thanks for all your support and interest!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Early Show

Since "The Strike" all forms of the media have wanted "the boys".  We as parents decided to let the boys chose what National Morning Show they would appear on.  All 3 Networks have been in contact with us, and it looks like as soon as Alex is up to traveling we will go to New York to appear live on Good Morning America (http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/).  The Early Show will air the boys from a previously taped interview that will air the same day as GMA.
However, today a crew from The Early Show is in town filming (not the boys). They are doing a Health Segment on Lightning tomorrow- informing viewers how important those first few minutes are after a strike. They are speaking with teachers, doctors and moms today.   Tune in Friday November 5th to CBS to see how you can help save a life.

PS - Alex moved both of his pinky's yesterday.  Huge Success!!!!!!!!!!  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

My family room turned into a TV set

The Early Show is an American television morning news talk show broadcast by CBS from New York City. The program airs from 7 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday Eastern Time. It airs live on most affiliates in the Eastern and Central Time Zones, but is tape delayed in the Mountain and Pacific Time ZonesThe Early Show features news pieces, weather, celebrity interviews and light entertainment. Having premiered on November 1, 1999, it is the youngest of the major networks' morning shows. The show airs as a division of CBS News.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SCHS Cross Country Party

Alex had a big day Sunday - he had about 10 visitors which ended up being way too many. His spirits loved seeing each and every one of you (and about 10 people stopped in while he was napping that he didn't even get to see) but his Neurons didn't love the stimulation all the visitors brought. He was cut off from visitors Monday and Tuesday afternoon to prepare him for his Cross Country Party.  One of his Coaches works for the hospital and was able to arrange to have their year end party at the hospital.  The team ate pizza and visited, then just before the slide show and awards Alex was brought into the room so that he could enjoy some time with his teammates.  He was in pain, but he enjoyed it.  He actually smiled and cracked a few jokes.  I think it was good for all the kids to see him.  Even though he is "different" from the last time they ran with him, he looks good and is in great spirits.  SCHS Cross Country team participated in State a few weeks ago, since Alex couldn't attend, they blew a picture up of Alex and glued it to pop cycle sticks and "took" him with them on the trip.  I cant wait to see all the pictures, I hear he had a great time.  I did see a few of the photos, there was one of him by the bus at the Maverick Country Store, one of him in a field of sunflowers.  His team wore stickers that said Alex on their jerseys while they ran.  Thanks for all the love and support - his team showed team spirit and what true athletes are made of.  These kids are Warrior Strong!  Thanks.  Kaleen aka Alex's mom (photo from a meet last year)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday November 1, 2010

Tonight is the Anniversary eve of the Strike - I think back to what we were doing 4 weeks ago.  It was Family Night and raining, Alex's 2 younger brothers were in their bathing suits playing football in the street.  Parker, ran into the house and said "Mom can I get struck by lightning?"  I replied "well technically you could, but you wont"  he smiled and ran back out into the rain and finished playing.  Less than 24 hours later I got "the call" telling me that Alex had been struck by lightning. The Principle told me he was with another boy, and I wasn't too surprised when I heard it was Dane.  Alex and Dane were always together.  I've tried to Thank everyone that has helped us and him (from meals, rides nursing care, doctors, EMT's, teachers, students etc), but as I read this blog, I keep finding out that there are SO many more people out there that have helped with Alex's progress.  And Progress is what he is doing.  He is getting better every day.  He is determined to be out of the hospital in 2 weeks.  He's getting great training and has a positive outlook, he just might make his goal.  Thank you for everything you have done and will do.  I'm grateful this tragedy has brought so much good.  People bonding together.  Thank you!  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boys Are Back In Town

Alex and Dane have been able to hang out a few times this week.  They are so positive and funny.  Instead of sitting around thinking "this sucks dude"  they are joking about Dane getting a Head Shot and that they might have Wonder Twin Powers.  They joke about the things they can do like Dane jabbing Alex that He can walk, Alex jabbed right back saying "ya well I can eat!".  They are having fun.  Oakley Sunglass's heard about the boys (via Alex's step dad) and sent the boys a pair of sunglass's to protect their fragile eyes. They were sporting them in the hospital.  Looks like Alex's release date from the hospital is December 1st. (yep December)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday 10-28-10

Back in St. George - cant describe the felling I had when I pulled into my little town of Santa Clara Tuesday night, knowing that I didnt have to go back to Vegas, but also knowing that my son is still in the hospital.  It was bitter sweet.  Alex is glad to be back but wants to be Home!!!  He was a home body before this happened, he and his friends always hung out at our house (and it wasnt because we had the best food, it was because Alex wanted to be home).
Alex had a few visitors in Vegas some very special visitors that we will forever be grateful for.  We extended an offer for them to come visit in STG and hope they will.  We miss you already.  Some of our amazing STG friends drove to Vegas to visit and share their knowledge of things to come with Alex's recovery.  Thanks to all those that made the journey, lifted our spirits, brought us clothes and food.  I know SO many more wanted to visit but with him in PICU then the Burn Unit he needed to have restrictions.  Some of those restrictions have been lifted at IHC, but its still not an open door for visitors.  He's very busy here, hes in the Acute Rehabilitation center.  He has a schedule that starts at 7am and goes until 4pm.  If you want to visit, contact me and I'll see what I can do to get you in (after 4).  Alex is learning a lot of things such as; Sitting up in bed, putting his legs on the floor, standing up (with help), moving his feet to then sit down in a wheel chair, learning to roll over, learning to take steps,  move his fingers,  hold a cup, scratch his nose, rub his eyes etc...  Just since yesterday he has improved SO much.  The doctors and nurses in the Rehab unit know "their stuff", they are good and are dedicated to Alex and his recovery.  I'm so grateful for them and all that they are doing for Alex.  Hes in great hands.  Alex also got the 75 staples out of his chest today.  Wahoo - he is looking good and ahead of schedule with his burns. I will be able to return to work next week at Stevens-Henager College, it will be good to be back.  We are on a great schedule and before we know it Alex will be Home.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the road again...(recovery)

We are so happy to have Alex and his parents back in St. George. The boys have a lot of healing to do but I am so grateful to have them both here and on the road to a full recovery!
Dane is still having some issues with weight loss and we are trying other medications for his stomach spasms and pain. It's hard to make him eat when it immediately causes him to feel like "there is glass in his stomach" (his description). He has been to two Doctors and the ER (and had many tests) since we've been back but still no definite answers, although I was encouraged to find out that our family Dr. had treated a lightning strike victim before...he said it will be a process.
Hopefully before long, these two will be doing some catch up homework just to stimulate their brilliant minds. At the very least, Dane wants to visit Alex as soon as he is up to it, I'm sure it will be very soon.
Much gratitude for continued prayers!!!

Theres No Place Like Home

We made it back to Utah thanks to the amazing transport Co  Nevada Medi-Car.  They safely delivered Alex from UMC to IHC.  Alex will  undergo some intense PT and evaluations for the next 2+ weeks.  Thanks for all the signs that were delivered, it made his welcome bright and cheery.  I will keep you updated with his status as I am updated.  Once we get the green light for visitors I'll let you know.  Thanks for all your prayers, we are so happy to have him back in Dixie.
Kaleen aka Alex's Mom

Ronald McDonald House

For those of you that were like me and dropped some money into the little RMH collection box's a few times a year, that saved soda pop tabs and then didnt think about the RMH again until their next drive,  Nows the time to think differently.
On 10-10-10 I was fortunate  enough to check into the Vegas RMH where I was welcomed with warm arms (and big red shoes).  This home is beautiful and was built by love for families that have children in the hospital.  These homes are located through out the US.  Find one close to you and go volunteer there.  You will receive as much joy by serving as those that are receiving.  Theres all kinds of opportunities to help.  I witnessed a family cooking dinner for the residents last Saturday.  I watched a family cook dinner, parents teaching their teenage children how to cook.  What a great way to spend a Saturday night, parents with their teens, laughing and cooking while serving families that are staying there due to sick children.  I visited with some other parents that were staying in the home, I heard their stories of their sick children and my heat ached for them.  Oh how grateful I am for this program and the relief it brings to families while they watch their children in so much pain and agony.  How grateful I have been for the warm bed to sleep in a few hours each night.  The beautiful home, huge kitchen and amazing laundry room.  Thank you RMH of Las Vegas for allowing me to stay there while Alex was/is in the hospital.  I plan on visiting the STG home and hope that YOU will visit a RMH near you.  If we each give one hour a month, think of all the hours we will donate to these families that find themselves in horrible situations.  It felt like home - thank you. I'm not there tonight - Alex is having some struggles - hes back on oxygen at UMC for the moment.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Peaches" "Billions of peaches, peaches for me, billions of peaches, peaches for free...." the Presidents of the
United States of America...That has been Alex's theme song as of late we will add it to his soundtrack.  His last menu order he just said "Bring me peaches".  He seems to be eating them at every meal along with his vanilla or chocolate Ensure supplemental drink.  He inhales that stuff.  Other flavors of the week include:
Sobe Stawberry Daquiri, strawberry lemonade from ClaimJumper, chocolate milk, and water so lets recap Alex's playlist/soundtrack so far

Lightning Song - Queens of the Stone Age
Big Bang(History of Everything) - Barenaked Ladies
Blow me Away - Breaking Benjamin(from Halo soundtrack)
Livin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Tear Drop - Massive Attack (House theme)
Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
His Last Walk - Bless the Fall
The Only Medicine - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
insert the Peaches song here
and apropos we can't forget
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

We will round things up with Motely Crue's or Carie Underwood version of Coming Home, or maybe In the End by Linkin Park.  The vote is out on this one.

He is sporting the Samurai up do tonight, and the hospital gown completes his battle dress ensemble.  He looks ready to fight his way out of the hospital bed.  He looks almost like his old self and is just as cranky.  I'm so glad to have my son back.  He is here and he is present.  

When we moved from the PICU to the Burn Unit after his surgery on Tues.  Alex waited patiently for transport to take him to his new room.  They came and loaded him up on a new bed, a gurney, then we loaded all of Alex's stuff from his room on to the bed.  Well there wasn't enough room.  We had so many bags of get well cards, posters, food, balloons, DVD's etc from you.  It was a pretty funny procession from one end of the hospital to the other with his bed and balloons, and Grandma trailing guarding us.  Alex told the guy pushing him that he was thankful for him pushing him and that he would from that point on refer to him as the "Transporter"  When Alex was finally situated in the new room Alex said "Thanks Transporter".

It is wonderful that Alex will close another chapter in his recovery by leaving the Burn Unit behind soon. and
returning to you in St. George.  I'm happy that he is in good enough shape to make the journey, sad that he will be farther away from me.  It was nice having him so close here in Las Vegas for three weeks.  He is back mentally.  I have been quizzing him relentlessly on Halopedia trivia.  He knows the answer to each and every question I can pose.

 We have been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory and House, and it is tough for him because it hurts him to laugh right now.  It gets easier for him each day though.  I am sure we will get ROFLMAO's and lulz from him soon.   ~Arden aka Alex's Dad

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home Away From Home - Alex Saturday

Alex is getting his first bath right now.  He's had his hair washed and sponged off several times, but this time its  the real deal.  * (thought I would clarify what a "bath" means here for him....Its not a warm jacuzzi tub filled with bubbles surrounded by candles....He was moved onto a metal bed/table that was covered in plastic, wheeled down to another room and washed off "car wash style"  it was all done in love, nothing I would ever want to experience )   His burns, grafts and doner site are healing so well, they decided it was time to wash him.  Yesterday his Physical Therapist said you are looking really good especially with what happened to you, Alex said "you should see how well my friend is doing and he took a head shot"  (thats for all you Gamers out there).  I LOVE all the Comments  - Thanks SOOOO much for them,  I read each one to Alex.  They make me/us smile :)  He liked hearing about his Cross Country Team and their successes.  He can't wait to see you Coach.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alex Thursday PM

Dr. Z (the head burn doc)  came in at 1:00 today and said Alex's grafts are taking nicely.  A nurse said they looked beautiful.  Dr Z said he hopes to have Alex out of here Monday.  Wahooooooooo~~~~!!!!!!

He never did win the battle with the heat - he was told that 68 was the lowest they could turn it due to bacteria and the burns.

But he won the battle of skin grafts.  He also got the bandages taken off his 3 fingers.  The human body is amazing.  He grew skin on 3 fingers, covering  up knuckles that were showing, in less than 3 weeks.  His bandages were removed from his lower legs.  He's progressing!!

Looks like he will be transported to Dixie Regional Neurological Center Monday.  I will meet with his case worker tomorrow to get all the details.  Even though he will be in the hospital a little longer at least we will have him back in St. George.  All those that are wanting to come visit, hold tight, looks like he will be back to Dixie next week.
P.S.  Daniels mom - I told Alex I saw you Monday night - he said "I miss Daniel".  We hope to see him during Thanksgiving break :)
Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Thursday - 10-21-10 Alex

I'm back in Vegas at UMC - Alex has a great room in The Burn Unit.  I like it because it has a bathroom in it - yea!!  I dont have to leave the room anymore :)  I miss the nurses at PICU but am already feeling welcomed here - I must say UMC employees only the best!
Alex got his feeding tube out at 8am - that was great to witness.  His biggest challenge this am is the heat.  He feels hot and is very uncomfortable.  Its 68 degrees in here, so its hardly hot and he has ice packs on various parts of his body.  His Nurse says they cant turn it down anymore so he is trying to convince the Administration to turn the temperature down to 65.   I'll keep you posted on the battle of the heat.
Doctors are coming in at 1:00 to check his skin grafts.  Hes running ahead of schedule.  Yea!!!
Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Alex

I'm told that Alex is making huge strides.  He was moved from ICU to The Burn Unit yesterday.  Thats a good sign to be released from ICU.  Progress!!!  He's been able to eat the past two days so his feeding tube will be removed with in the nex 24 hours.  His spirits are good.  He should be back to STG soon.  I will be back in Vegas Thursady am until his release.  I've had a great time at home with my other children.  I can't wait until we are all back home in are amazing community.  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Wednesday, Oct 20th - Dane

First of all, I want to echo the sentiments of gratitude that Kaleen posted yesterday regarding the Benefit Concert on Monday night at Tuacahn. Words really can't express how grateful we are to all the individuals involved in putting that show together for our boys. That was an amazing group of talented and generous people and we appreciate you all very much. I know some of the first responders, EMTs and hospital staff were there to be honored as well and we thank you for taking the time to come but mostly for your hand in saving Alex & Dane's lives. Every step that day and the days following are making all the difference in their ongoing recoveries, we will always be thankful!
To all of you that came to support the show, and made the baked goods, sold t-shirts, made and distributed fliers…Thank you so much, it has been very touching for Dane.
Dane is still having some problems with his digestive system. He was referred to a gastrointestinal Dr. yesterday and also had a CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis, we are still waiting for the results. He had to cancel his physical therapy sessions because of the pain, and he has lost another two pounds in just one day. The Dr said that it was possible that he might need a feeding tube to bypass his Pancreas; we are praying that it doesn't get to that point. It is hard to see him in so much pain (even on pain meds) because he has never been a complainer. As I said, it is ongoing. With all that has happened it is hard to believe it has only been two weeks since the strike...it's feels like an eternity!
Heartfelt thanks for your love, prayers & thoughts.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday 10-19-10 - Alex

I'm writing this from Home - Home Sweet Home - It will be even sweeter when I can bring Alex here.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Benefit Concert last night at Tuacahn.  WOW!!  What an amazing performance. There are so many talented people that donated their time and uplifted our souls last night.  Thanks to each of the performers, and thank you to Tuacahn for the use of your amazing theater. I was so torn to leave Alex but once I was shutlled backed, by some dear friends, sat down and looked around at my beautiful surroundings, I was able to enjoy the talent on stage.  Thank you for those that attended, preformed and took care of evey detail from lighs to sound. Thank you NHS for the snacks - I ate some great cookies!
It was so great to see Dane and his family.  I have SO missed them being with me at the hospital but SO glad they are home.  We will forever be part of each others lives.
Alex's dad, Step Dad and Grandpa are with Alex along with all the caring & gifted nurses at UMC.  I was told that last night was a little rough but better than they had expected.  The Neurologist came in last night and gave a positive report, Alex's brilliant brain is responding to the medicine and showing great improvment.  There is still  some slowing but the Dr was pleased with the results of his last EEG.
Prayers are continuing to be answered.  Thank you!!  Kaleen aka Alex's mom

Monday, October 18, 2010

Alex surgery

Kaleen, Alex's mom, is getting ready to head to St. George to attend the benefit concert tonight at Tuacahn! She did not want to leave Vegas before getting to see Alex after his surgery today. She ask that I post this for her: Dr. says surgery WENT WELL!!! Good news indeed. She wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers!

Too much too soon for Dane?

Well we have been trying to get Dane & Alex on the phone with each other over the weekend but it seems like the timing is never quite right (sleeping, testing, Dr. visits etc.). They both want to talk and are very concerned about each other's well being, they have a very cool bond.
We are thinking of Alex today and sending our prayers and positive thoughts for his surgery. I have no doubt that he will come through just fine!
Dane had a little set back over the weekend. His Dr advised us to take him to the E.R. last night. He's having some severe abdominal pain, cramping and intestinal problems and was put back on clear liquids until he feels better. He has been very week and has lost almost 20 pounds....which as most of you know he didn't have that to lose!
He really wants to attend the concert tonight so we are going to see how he feels later today...hopefully it won't rain tonight. It should be a very special evening!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alex went outside

Alex went out side for a few minutes today. Since it was overcast they thought it would be a good thing (there wasnt the fear of the sun hurting him) When we got outside we looked to the east and saw the most beautiful rainbow.  Last time he was outside there was a rainbow. Thats a good sign. He will go into surgery Monday October 18th at 1:00pm.  He will be in the great hands of skilled surgeons and have all the prayers you all have offered.  They might transfer him to the Burn Unit tomorrow after the surgery, if they do I will miss the Nurses and Techs here in the PICU.  They are SO wonderful, and have all gone above and beyond the call of duty to heal Alex and keep him comfortable.  Thank you!!
Kaleen - aka Alex's mom

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night - Alex

I've waited ALL day to post, wanting to post about Alex's EEG but since its now after 8pm and I haven't heard from the Neurologist I decided to go ahead and post that No News is Good News.
My days are so long here, yet they go so fast. Its one test/treatment after the next - today the test results were coming back good.  White blood cells are looking good so they scheduled him for surgery Monday at 1:00pm.  A doctor from the Burn Team explained the surgery to me today while we looked at his burns.  I havent seen his burns for 5 days, that is one thing that I have a really hard time with seeing the actual burn. Its very painful for him when they "scrub" the burns and then bandage him, its hard to watch.  I found out while the doc was going over his burns that they thought they were going to have to graft part of his right calf (I didnt know this since I havent been present).  Today when they unwrapped it the doc was surprised that it was almost healed.  I wasnt surprised because I know of all the prayers that are being offered.  I know that was a blessing.  He was spared the additional graft.  They will take skin from his upper left thigh to graft it on his neck, chest and on both sides of his belly button.  This surgery is very painful and he will have an additional wound to deal with when he wakes up.  Im so grateful that he wont have to deal with the wound on his thigh and the graft on his leg, that way he wont have both legs injured.  He wants to run so bad.  Hes worried about that.  Sunday a family friend is going to come talk to him about skin grafts. This friend had several grafts and is also a runner, 2 weeks ago he finished his 54th Marathon - Running is very possible after burns and grafts.  This will be good for Alex to hear.  The surgery will take a few hours to preform.  After the surgery he will be wrapped up and wont be able to move for 5 days.  He needs to remain still so the skin can graft.  On the 6th day they will unwrap the bandages and check the grafts.  If the skin takes (which it will) and if he dosnt get an infection (which he wont) he should get to break out of here about 3 days later.  So.....thank you for your prayers!  Please keep them coming! And lets start the count down!
I know this is pretty jumbled, its all so overwhelming.
I continue to read the blog comments to Alex he is so emotional and cant understand why everyone is doing all of this for him, he dosnt understand all the love that is being poured out to him.  He is SO touched.  I tell him its because of the way he has lived his life, its because he and Dane are amazing boys and survived lightning.  He said this afternoon "Im glad Dane lived, hes my best friend and we will always be together, we lived through lightning".
Kaleen - aka Alex's mom

Dane's Getting Stronger

As you can imagine, Dane has been very busy since returning to St. George. The "Welcome Home Celebration" was so awesome and it took a lot of people to put all of it together (thanks to Rockie and everyone involved) and we are soooo looking forward to part two of that celebration starring ALEX LAMBSON!!! Thank you so much for making Dane feel so loved, he is very humbled and appreciative of the support, thoughts and prayers on his behalf. .

He saw his family doctor on Thursday and he (the doctor) does not want Dane to go back to school on Tuesday...he thinks it is a little early yet, but don't worry, we won't be able to keep him down for long! On Thursday night, Dane got to ride in the KSL helicopter and deliver the game ball to the Snow Canyon vs. Pine View football game (unfortunately, SC lost in the last few minutes), but then he went to Panda Express with some friends for dinner!!!
He really needs to take it easy, but he is very strong and stubborn..(thank goodness)!

He also had his first Physical Therapy session and a hair cut on Friday to trim out all the singed hair.
Slowly but surely things WILL get back to normal for our Warriors. Thank you again everyone for your uplifting prayers, thoughts and friendship.
We love you all-

Friday night shift - Alex - Babysteps

From Alex's Dad on the night shift.  Just got filled in from his Mom about the events of the day, and Alex is doing better, he's off oxygen.
When I first got here he needed to go to the bathroom.  He has a toilet that sort of comes out of the wall, and when not in use a cover drop down over it and hides the toilet from view.  It looks like a regular seat.  I wonder how much he would love a setup like that in his room at home?  Then he would never have to leave his "bachelor pad/studio apartment" bedroom,  he could play Halo even 'when nature calls'.  I guess I better not give him any ideas.  Anyway I digressed... Nature was calling and the nurses and I were helping him over and I asked him to take a step with his right leg then with his left leg, babysteps, but he is making them, and with much more strength than he showed last night.  He is supporting his weight much more evenly. I keep expecting him to just jump out of bed and be all better, but I guess its just going to be one small baby step at a time.  Gradual improvement every day till he fully recovers.  

I spoke with with one of the directors at Tuacahn and they are going to donate their video team to film the concert Mon night so Alex can watch it.  I wanted to setup some sort of webcam operation so Alex could watch it and he could say hi to you, but it looks like Alex will be recovering Mon night from his surgery scheduled that day.  He wont be able to watch it Live.  He was pretty awake today so the hospital video guy came and recorded a message from him to you that will be played on Mon night so make sure and come out and see what he has to say!

Thanks to Tuacahn and Snow Canyon and all the other high schools involved in Mon night.  I wish I could be there it looks like a lot of fun, and thanks to everyone for your support in this event.

AMIQ (Alex Morphine Induced Quotes)

1. Alex: Where is Brother G.?
Dad: Why do you want Bro. G?
Alex:  I need to talk to him
Dad:  what do you want to talk to him about?
Alex:  I really need to talk to him about being struck by lightening I think he would like to know

2.  Alex:  Hey A
Dad: A isn't here do you want me to call her and you can tell her goodnight
Alex:  no she is coming over she has the notes we need to study we have a very important stats test.
Dad: ok do you want me to call?
Alex:  no just tell her when she gets her I will be in my study.

One of my Flashbacks:
I took Alex and his brother to a church conference Sat. night Oct 2nd the Sat before the accident.  Alex gets
out of the car carrying his Physics book.  I asked him, "Why are you carrying your physics book for, do you have homework to do?"  He said, " Not homework I'm reading it during the Church Conference".
I said "Why are you reading a Physics book?"  He said "Cause physics is cool and I want to read the rest of this book"  I told him " you can read a little later put the book back in the car and pay attention to what the speakers are saying at the conference see if any of them talk about physics"
lol  I was astonished that anyone, let alone my son would read a physics book for pleasure.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2nd EEG

As I post this the EEG test is being done.  It will take about an hour.  Lets hope his Neurologist reads the report tonight and it is good. I'll post when I know.  He is having a good day - he got up 3 times today (with the help of others)

Its now 10pm - no news is good news.  Haven't received a report back on his test yet.  Hopefully early Saturday morning.  Today was a great day for Alex.  He remembered everything that was said to him today.  He took a long nap after his physical therapy.  He had a new PT Tech today.  He was a younger guy with a strong build.  After he helped get Alex into his chair, Alex said "Did you serve in the Military"  PTT says "Yes, the Navy"  Alex says "Can I shake your hand?"  At which time they did shake hands.  Alex honors our Soldiers and it was wonderful to witness this act of gratitude.  After the PTT left, I asked Alex how he knew he had served in our Military, he said "I could just tell".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What are the Odds?

What are the odds of having 3 Lightning Victims in the same room?  Well, yesterday they were really good!
Alex and Dane had a special visitor Wednesday 10-13, Professor Richard Blankenbecler, who was struck by lightning in 1958 while hiking the Grand Tetons.  The Professor is now living in Vegas, after retiring from Princeton and Stanford as a physics Professor. He wrote Leslie and I  a letter and said "I read with both horror and sadness about the lightning strike on your two sons"..."If you would like to meet and if you feel that such a meeting could serve a useful purpose, please contact me......" He goes onto say "I read that you sons enjoy discussing physics with each other.  Of course, that is my favorite subject also".  Both boys wanted to visit with him and we felt it would be good to stimulate their brains.  We so appreciate him taking time to talk to the boys about lightning and the effects of it.  I think it eased their minds to see someone else that had been struck and that went onto having a very full and purposeful life.
We SO appreciate ALL the people that have taken time to make comments on this blog, that have made cards, letters and phone calls inquiring about the boys.  The saying  "Its The Thought That Counts" is true!  Your thoughts DO count and we are grateful for them.
Kaleen - aka Alex's Mom

Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Dane Thursday Oct 7th

Dane Thursday Oct 7th
Before Life Support was removed

Alex's Room

Alex's Room
Thanks for all the love