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This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Peaches" "Billions of peaches, peaches for me, billions of peaches, peaches for free...." the Presidents of the
United States of America...That has been Alex's theme song as of late we will add it to his soundtrack.  His last menu order he just said "Bring me peaches".  He seems to be eating them at every meal along with his vanilla or chocolate Ensure supplemental drink.  He inhales that stuff.  Other flavors of the week include:
Sobe Stawberry Daquiri, strawberry lemonade from ClaimJumper, chocolate milk, and water so lets recap Alex's playlist/soundtrack so far

Lightning Song - Queens of the Stone Age
Big Bang(History of Everything) - Barenaked Ladies
Blow me Away - Breaking Benjamin(from Halo soundtrack)
Livin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Tear Drop - Massive Attack (House theme)
Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry
His Last Walk - Bless the Fall
The Only Medicine - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
insert the Peaches song here
and apropos we can't forget
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

We will round things up with Motely Crue's or Carie Underwood version of Coming Home, or maybe In the End by Linkin Park.  The vote is out on this one.

He is sporting the Samurai up do tonight, and the hospital gown completes his battle dress ensemble.  He looks ready to fight his way out of the hospital bed.  He looks almost like his old self and is just as cranky.  I'm so glad to have my son back.  He is here and he is present.  

When we moved from the PICU to the Burn Unit after his surgery on Tues.  Alex waited patiently for transport to take him to his new room.  They came and loaded him up on a new bed, a gurney, then we loaded all of Alex's stuff from his room on to the bed.  Well there wasn't enough room.  We had so many bags of get well cards, posters, food, balloons, DVD's etc from you.  It was a pretty funny procession from one end of the hospital to the other with his bed and balloons, and Grandma trailing guarding us.  Alex told the guy pushing him that he was thankful for him pushing him and that he would from that point on refer to him as the "Transporter"  When Alex was finally situated in the new room Alex said "Thanks Transporter".

It is wonderful that Alex will close another chapter in his recovery by leaving the Burn Unit behind soon. and
returning to you in St. George.  I'm happy that he is in good enough shape to make the journey, sad that he will be farther away from me.  It was nice having him so close here in Las Vegas for three weeks.  He is back mentally.  I have been quizzing him relentlessly on Halopedia trivia.  He knows the answer to each and every question I can pose.

 We have been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory and House, and it is tough for him because it hurts him to laugh right now.  It gets easier for him each day though.  I am sure we will get ROFLMAO's and lulz from him soon.   ~Arden aka Alex's Dad

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  1. Arden, you crack me up every time you post... We can't wait to see Alex here in St. George. I'm sure we will see you again soon too! Dane got to talk to Alex on the phone for a while today, it will be good to get them together again in person. We miss all of you and are praying every day for Alex and your family. I took Dane his Dr. here in St. George and there was a sweet lady there that new your mom from Florida and gave all of us her best...small world :) Take care- Leslie


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Alex's Room
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