Welcome friends and family of Alex and Dane!

This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So much to be Thankful for!

With all that I have been blessed with throughout my life and all that I have taken for granted, I know that I have never been so grateful as I am this Thanksgiving. It's such a cliche, but "things" in this life really are so superficial compared to the life of a loved one.

From the instant Alex & Dane were struck, people (angels) all around them came together to save their lives; from the students who went for help, the first responders (teachers and administrators at the school) who breathed life into our boys, the EMTs who safely transported them and didn't give up..., the Dixie Regional ER staff, doctors and nurses who revived and stabilized them, the clergy that rushed to the hospital to bless our boys in that brief moment when time stood still before they whisked them away to the airport, the Lifeflight crew that flew out in stormy weather to give the boys the best care available, and then the staff, doctors and nurses at the PICU unit at UMC in Vegas who ultimately cared for them until they were able to "come back" to us....
Looking back, I know there was a higher power orchestrating all of the events that saved our boys that day, everything and everyone came together just the way it was meant to happen.

Then in the hours and days that followed we were so overwhelmed with loving thoughts and actions from everyone we knew (and didn't know). We felt your love, your prayers and your support more than you will ever know...it gave us the strength and faith we needed to endure the fear and uncertainty

I know that we have thanked all of you before, but I don't think that it can ever be expressed enough, you will always have my heartfelt gratitude- and I thank God everyday for all of you "angels".

God bless all of you this Thanksgiving holiday,

p.s.- Dane weighed in last Friday and had lost another pound :( , the Dr. was encouraged that it has slowed and is hopeful that he has turned the corner. He still goes to physical therapy but no longer uses a cane to help him walk :) , his Pancreas levels are still too high and have to be monitored closely but all in all... he is pretty amazing.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to both boys and both families. I know we are all THANKFUL that they are o.k. and on the road to great things.

  2. Zdunich and Lambson-Talley families:
    From Idaho -
    Have a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!

  3. Isn't it wonderful that we have a moment in these next few days to spend time giving thanks for everything! Thanks so much to everyone for the lovely words, thoughts, and prayers for our boys. They are certainly loved! Thanks for the update on Dane. We love to hear about him!


Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Alex on Wednesday, Oct.6

Dane Thursday Oct 7th

Dane Thursday Oct 7th
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Alex's Room
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