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This Blog has been created by friends and family of Alex and Dane as they make their way down the road to recovery, after being struck by lightning 10/5/2010. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as this road will likely be a long one. Feel free to check back often for status updates on both Alex and Dane, and be sure and leave your well-wishes when you visit. The boys will be shown this blog when they are awake.

We sincerely Thank You for your concern and friendship. Alex and Dane will always remember the support of friends and family like you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dane's Getting Stronger

As you can imagine, Dane has been very busy since returning to St. George. The "Welcome Home Celebration" was so awesome and it took a lot of people to put all of it together (thanks to Rockie and everyone involved) and we are soooo looking forward to part two of that celebration starring ALEX LAMBSON!!! Thank you so much for making Dane feel so loved, he is very humbled and appreciative of the support, thoughts and prayers on his behalf. .

He saw his family doctor on Thursday and he (the doctor) does not want Dane to go back to school on Tuesday...he thinks it is a little early yet, but don't worry, we won't be able to keep him down for long! On Thursday night, Dane got to ride in the KSL helicopter and deliver the game ball to the Snow Canyon vs. Pine View football game (unfortunately, SC lost in the last few minutes), but then he went to Panda Express with some friends for dinner!!!
He really needs to take it easy, but he is very strong and stubborn..(thank goodness)!

He also had his first Physical Therapy session and a hair cut on Friday to trim out all the singed hair.
Slowly but surely things WILL get back to normal for our Warriors. Thank you again everyone for your uplifting prayers, thoughts and friendship.
We love you all-

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  1. I'm so excited to see how Dane is doing. It's sure encouraging for both of the boys. I am encouraged as well to see such a great response from the community. I haven't met Dane, but now I hope I get a chance to--if Alex will ever let me meet his friends again (I am Alex's Auntie).

    I am so impressed with all of you! It sure warms my heart to see all the love coming from the St. George community! Can I bottle that and take it to other places?

    Best wishes to all of you!


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